Lebron James royal mess up

                                                         lebron james royal mess up

Although basketball star, LeBron James, would have intended it to be a friendly gesture for a photograph, by placing his arm around the Duchess of Cambridge, he broke royal protocol.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met James in New York on Monday night after watching a basketball game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Barclays Center indoor arena.

While posing for photographs, James appeared to surprise the Duchess by placing his arm around her.

When individuals meet royalty, there is a “no-touch” rule, according to Rachel Kelly, a public relations executive at VisitBritain. But James isn’t the first to break the rules.

David Cameron had to apologise to the Queen in September this year after saying she “purred” when he revealed the result of the Scottish referendum.

He accepted he had made a mistake by revealing the contents of a private conversation and said he would apologise to the Queen personally in Buckingham Palace.


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