More Need to Know Info About Me

People say I don’t talk

It’s just that I don’t talk unless I have something to say

I am a person that needs a reason to interact with others

I don’t beat around the bush I want everyone to just be real and honest with me

I value the few friends that I have and once you earn my respect as being a person of substance

you’re in.

I like to go out in the public but not for long and I take in data and experience very quickly

afterwords I love to go back home, recharge, and process it all in.

I love to work on problems, love to solve puzzles but I love to be able to share my discoveries

I’m not one to follow the crowd I think for myself and because of that I usually like a challenge

I love to relax at home or in nature but not in busy public places, if there is to much noise

going on I will shut down

Sometimes I can end up hating myself and others because of my many differences.

everything-you-need-to-know-about-apple ipads Apple’s I-Pad 6 the info gadget of today


Any need to know info about you. The floor is open . I’d love to know. Please share!


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