The Wonder Years

You Can’t Out Give God

worlds system of commerce

Some put money or the world’s system of commerce before God. But the Bible

states in Revelation 18 that if we put our trust in money, it’s going to fail.I’ve found

that the way to deal with money, instead of struggling with it, is to try and out-give

God….because we can’t.

The more we give away, the more we’ll receive. The more we obey him with

our finances, the more he blesses us.The more we do for other people, the

more God has other people do for us.

Society tells us to invest everything in the world’s system and work all the

time to make more money.But if we do, we’ll really never have anything that matters,

especially joy.And we won’t be able to enjoy the money we have because we won’t

be using it God’s way.

It may not make sense according to the world’s system, but God doesn’t want

you to simply make money and hoard it away. God says that by giving it away, you will

have more in the end.I challenge you to increase your generosity today. Trust me, you

can’t out-give God.


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