My fall camping guide to the outdoors in autumn

Reasons to go camping in the fall

autumn trees

The Scenery

In almost all areas of the country beautiful colors reign supreme during the fall season, which makes it a picturesque

time to go camping.

The Weather

Through tired eyes you watch the sun crest in the east as you clutch your warm mug, steam rising into the fresh

morning. Coffee or hot cocoa never tasted so good as on a crisp autumn morning. With the right clothes and

gear, these temperatures make fall camping more comfortable than in the hot humid of summer.

man standing outside in autumn

Affordable Rates

After Labor Day many campgrounds drop their rates, stop taking reservations, and become first come first serve.

With peak season behind you, now’s the time to get the most affordable rates.

Less Bugs

Chilly fall temperatures chase the usual overflow of bugs to a warmer climate. You should still keep

bug spray packed, just in case.

Fall Camping Food

Cool weather makes comfort food a campsite staple, warm up your evening at camp with one of these cold-weather

approved meals.

2 Quick Cast Iron Meals


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