Banana Blondies, Kind Of Cakey

Sugar, Spice, Etc

I made another batch of banana blondies. These didn’t have a crust to hold them up, but they didn’t really need one either. I used the recipe from Smitten Kitchen and added half a cup of mashed banana like Deb suggested.

The post itself talks about how adaptable blondie batter is, and all the diverse add-ins that complement it. Nuts. Bananas. Peppermint extract. Cranberries. Coconut. It’s a pretty forgiving batter that way…takes really well to diverse flavour combinations 🙂 And you can’t really go wrong, whatever you put in. (Unless you get totally freaky and add harissa paste or garam masala, then nothing can save your blondies.)

Banana blondies Banana blondies

The original post was published in November 2006- a while ago. Just made me realize how long Deb has been cooking and sharing and tempting us with her versatile recipes and beautiful images. But if you look towards the bottom of the post, you’ll…

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