Purple is new black!

My Darling Flowers

purple or violet is used to symbolize magic,mystery and royal. Being the mixture of red and blue, the hottest and coolest colors, it is believed as ideal color. It is said purple is the color most loved by artists. Let’s experience its color palette.
purple color palette

different shades of purple

photo from bhg.com

purple color palette

beautiful doors with purple climber.

photo from boredpanda.com
 purple color palette

it is just door but the color makes it worth looking at.

photo from bohemianhimes.tumblr.com
purple color palette

purple haze. Rich and lush purple hydrangea

photo from flickr.com
 purple color palette

Lavendar wedding

photo from stylemepretty.com

purple color palette

modern luxury home interior highlighting with purple armchairs

photo from lushome.com

purple color palette

I want one!

photo from flickr.com

 purple color palette

eye catching hue in purple

phot from digsdigs.com

purple color palette

tea for two??

purple color palette

lady in purple

photo from coast-stores.com

purple color palette

purple food like bluberries, grapes and eggplant may help heart health,blood pressure and obesity.

photo from parade.com

purple color palette

too pretty to eat. Mauve macaroom

photo from socutetuings.tumblr.com

 purple color palette


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